Our lives become unmanageable when we feel we have been swept into a vortex of regrets and recriminations over our past and incessant worry about our future. Lost in all of it is attention to the only time we ever live: Now. Through many seminars, reading, and singular experiences I have made the leap to mindfulness and spirituality, and learned how to apply it effectively in psychotherapy. I am calling it Here and Now Psychotherapy, and I feel it can benefit you as it has me. When we learn how to focus on the now, our levels of anxiety and dysphoria automatically decrease dramatically, and we take care of simply what is right in front of us. I combine this working philosophy with years of training in psychoanalytic and cognitive behavioral therapies.

In addition, I have recently created a growing sub-specialty in helping men come with more frequency into psychotherapy. I grew up in a time when going to psychotherapy was considered “unmanly” by other men, and even some women, times have certainly changed. Or have they? Men still seek out therapy at much lower rates than women, although there has been a slight upsurge recently. This is unfortunate as men across our city and country need the support of psychotherapy perhaps more than ever before. Changing roles and rules of masculinity, greater female presence in the workplace, and ever changing socioeconomic dynamics for men and men in families are just some of the reasons that men appear to need psychotherapy more than ever before. Combining the theoretical ideas of Robert Bly, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Judson Brewer, Ticht Nah Hahn, Mark Epstein, Harry Stack Sullivan and many others, I employ an eclectic orientation combining the best of mindfulness, psychoanalytic theory and cognitive behavioral therapy, and attempt to fashion it for the individual male. I still welcome female patients into my practice as ever before but I am trying to also encourage more men to come in. The enemy is not other people, but can be found deep within us, in our restless, ever-grasping brains. Come join me in the never-ending, utterly fascinating, and deeply rewarding search for peace of mind. The times, they are a-changing indeed.